Three Levels Of Team Members In InvestorFuse

  • Regular
  • Admin
  • Super Admin

Regular members do not have access to change any settings for other team members, they also can't see the "Team Settings" tab. In the "Account" section of InvestorFuse they are only able to adjust the their own settings in "My Account". Regular members also do not have access to the campaigns or followup sequences section in InvestorFuse.

Admins can adjust other team members (accept other team admins), adjust "Team Settings", adjust their own account, create/edit followup sequences, and use the campaigns section.

A Super Admin can do everything an Admin can plus adjusting the team admin accounts and choosing who can see the buyer leads in the system.

Adjusting The Access Level Of Users

*Note only Team Admins and Team Owners can edit the access, but Team Admins cannot change the access for other Team Admins.

Click on the "Account" Menu > then click the "Team Members" tab

Click on the User you wish to edit

Locate the section "Manage Team-Specific Info" and click on the "Access level" field to choose a new access level.

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