Add a New Opportunity
  • 23 Aug 2021
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Add a New Opportunity

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Most of your Opportunities will be automatically created from your lead input integrations but periodically you may need to add an Opportunity manually in the event of a customer referral or some other type of instance where technology isn't involved. You can easily add a new Opportunity directly from the Opportunities Dashboard

Add a New Opportunity

A built-in Duplicate-Prevention system is in place to keep you from adding the same Property twice.
  1. Select the Team to view in the left menu.
  2. Click Opportunities. This will load all of the Opportunities within the selected Team marketspace. 
  3. Click ➕ the add icon in the upper right menu.
  4. Enter the Property Address 
  5. Add a Seller to the Opportunity. Select between Create New Seller or Choose Existing Seller.
    1. If you select Create New Seller, enter the seller info. A Phone number or email is required.
    2. If you select Choose Existing Seller, search for the seller you want to associate with the Opportunity.
  6. Attach a Campaign for the Opportunity
  7. Select the Owner of the Opportunity
  8. Assign First Action by first selecting what the Next Action is going to be and depending on what you select you'll fill in the remaining information as it appears in the Create New Opportunity screen.
  9. Once you fill in all of the required information the Assign Action button will appear, click to save your information. 
You can find definitions and more information about Actions here

You'll be directed to the Opportunities screen where you can enter more details and continue documenting your Activities

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