Campaign Response Template
  • 03 Mar 2023
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Campaign Response Template

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You have the option of adding an automated Response Template to each of your campaigns so you can be sure your new leads are receiving a response right away. The responses can be via text message or email and you can customize your responses for each of your Campaigns or you can use the same response for all of your Campaigns. This will save you time if you regularly respond the same way to certain Campaigns and you'll rest easy knowing nothing is falling through the cracks. This is not required as you may want to leave it set as "None" so you can respond when and how you want depending on what is warranted.

Set up an Automated Seller Response

Pro and Premium Feature
Automated Seller Response is available for Pro and Premium plans. If you would like to upgrade, please email or send a chat to support.

  1. Select the Team you'd like to view
  2. Click Campaigns which will route you to your Campaign List 
  3. Select the Campaign you wish to view
  4.  Click Settings
  5. Click Response Template
  6. Select the Message Type which can be Text or Email
  7. If you have previously created Response Templates you can select one from the Message Template list OR select New Template to create a new one on the fly. 
  8. Offset the message to send a few minutes after the Opportunity is created or leave it 0 to immediately send the message to new Opportunities
  9. Check the box if you only want the message to send during the weekdays between 9 - 5 pm
  10. Add or edit the Template Name
  11. Add or edit your message, and keep the length of the message in mind to work best with the method you chose. 
  12. Click <ยทยทยท> on the Variables to add tokens such as the seller name, date, address, etc.
  13. Click Save

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