Default Lead Routing
  • 29 Nov 2023
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Default Lead Routing

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Article summary

Default Lead Routing is a team-wide setting. Meaning all Opportunities will be assigned to an Individual User or Group that you have selected here unless a Campaign Assignment is enabled. You can create global settings within your Team to assign specific Opportunities and Actions to specific people or you can create Groups and round-robin the assignments to people within that group. This will save you time and keep things organized as your leads come in and there are Activities created during the life of the Opportunity

Assignments Behavior
When an Opportunity is created from a lead source, IF3 checks if the campaign where it came from has Assignments set up and follows it. If it is blank, IF3 then uses the Default Assignments setting. If that is also blank, the Opportunity is assigned to the Team Owner.

Assign Opportunities to an Individual User

  1. Select  the Team you'd like to edit
  2. Click ⚙️ the gear icon
  3. Select Lead Routing
  4. Pick Individual User in the options
  5. Choose a user to be the default Opportunity Owner
  6. Chose a user to be the default assignee of the Call New Lead action

Assign Opportunities to a Group / Round Robin

A group has to be created before it can be set as the default assignee. Click here to learn how to create a group.

Pro & Premium Feature
Round robin, Leave Unassigned in the Group Tab, and Attach to group and assign ownership to an individual user is available for Pro and Premium users. If you are interested in upgrading, please email
  1. In the Lead Routing settings, select Group
  2. Choose the group to assign the Opportunities
  3. Choose how you want the system to assign the opportunities. 
    1. Round Robin will assign the opportunities alternately to the team members in the group
    2. Leave unassigned in the group tab so that it is up to your team members to take ownership of the opportunities that they want to work on
    3. Attach to group and assign ownership to individual user if there are multiple team members in the group but there is one designated person to do the first touch and delegate the opportunities among the group.

Set up Opportunity Action Assignments

7. Recommend a team member or group as the default assignee when assigning actions

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