Domain Setup
  • 13 Jun 2023
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Domain Setup

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We need a domain to be able to connect a from-email in InvestorFuse so a or would not be possible to connect.

A domain is a website name that you purchase from registrars like Godaddy, Namecheap, Google Domains, etc. You can build a website using this domain so that sellers can find your company and send you their information. When you purchase a domain, you own that website name but still have to build the website. However, you do not have to have a live website before you can connect an email to InvestorFuse. 

How to buy a domain

There are a lot of instructions online on how to buy a domain from different registrars. Here are the guides for the most common registrars available. 

Email Functionality
Your domain does not have to have an email functionality nor do you need to create an email before you can use it in InvestorFuse. As long as you own the domain, you can connect any email you would like.

Add DNS records

After you purchase a domain and enter it in InvestorFuse, the system will generate TXT and CNAME DNS records that you will need to add to your domain. Follow the instructions below to learn how to add the records.


1. Go to your My Product page to see the domains in your account

2. Find the domain you are using and click the DNS button to the right

3. Create TXT and CNAME records in Godaddy and copy the values from InvestorFuse

4. Click Save All Records to confirm


1. Go to your Domain List in Namecheap

2. Click the Manage button to the right of the domain that you want to use

3. Go to Advanced DNS tab

4. Create the TXT and CNAME records in Namecheap and copy the values from InvestorFuse

5. Click Save All Changes to confirm

Google Domains

1. Log in to Google Domains and go to My Domains

2. Click Manage to the right of the domain that you want to use

3. Go to the DNS menu

4. Click Manage custom records

5. Create the TXT and CNAME records and copy the values from InvestorFuse

After adding the DNS records to your domain, follow the guide here to complete setting up the email functionality.

Domain Provider not listed

If your domain provider is on the list, go to this webpage and select your domain provider to look up instructions specific to it. In the videos, only look for instructions on adding the DKIM and Custom Return-Path records.

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