Lead Scoring
  • 13 May 2024
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Lead Scoring

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Article summary

Lead scoring is a feature that allows users to add a numerical score which then gets calculated and added to an opportunity. The user can then sort the Opportunities and actions lists by lead score. This makes it easier to prioritize Opportunities/Actions by sorting out which ones need the most attention based on the lead score. The higher the score, the higher the opportunity should be on the priority list.

Premium Feature
Lead scoring is available for Premium teams only. Reach out to our Support Team to upgrade your plan and get this feature.

The scores can range from 1 for Cold to 10 for Hot. This is measured through five criteria: Motivations, Actions, Groups, Campaigns and Labels. The total you can have for any lead is 50, which would be the maximum combined score of 10 for each criterion listed above.

To Access Lead Scoring

  1. Select a team on the left menu
  2. Click ⚙️ the cogwheel icon
  3. Select Lead Scoring


4. Click the dropdown next to the criteria you want to manage

5.  Click Assign a number between 1 and 10 to the subcategory in the dropdown according to how you want to rate that particular subcategory. The number will be saved automatically.

If a Custom Action is assigned a score of 9, whenever that Custom Action is triggered in an Opportunity, that Opportunity will automatically get a 9 in Lead Scoring.  If the user puts the Motivation on that Lead as hot which has a score of ten, it will make the Lead Score for that lead a 19 as it will add up the score for the two criteria. 

Depending on what the other selections are, the lead can have a score of up to 50.

Each opportunity will have an option to see the score on it as highlighted below.

The Lead Score will be color coded with the following:

Lead Score
0 → 10Blue
10 → 20Green
20 → 30Yellow
30 → 40Orange
40 → 50Red

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