Multiple Opportunities in a Contact
  • 23 Aug 2021
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Multiple Opportunities in a Contact

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You can have multiple Opportunities associated with one contact. This is useful when there are instances when a Contact has two or more properties that they would like to sell to you and you want each property to be its own Opportunity inside of IF3.

Creating Additional Opportunity

  1. Select a Team on the left menu
  2. Go to Opportunities
  3. Select the ➕ icon on the upper right corner
  4. Enter the address of the property
  5. Click Next
  6. Select Choose Existing Seller
  7.  Search for the existing seller by name, email, or phone number
  8. Click Attach Seller
  9. Select a Campaign (optional)
  10. Choose the Opportunity Owner
  11. Select the Next Action for the Opportunity
  12. Set the Assignee
  13. Select the due date of the action
  14. Click Assign Action

View all Opportunities for a Contact

  1. Select any Team on the left menu
  2. Click Contacts
  3. Find the Contact you want to view
  4. Select Linked Opportunities

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