My Profile Overview
  • 23 Aug 2022
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My Profile Overview

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My Profile is a collective information dashboard that shows your Actions, Opportunities, and activity throughout all of the Teams that you belong to within IF3.

This is a read-only dashboard designed to give you a big-picture look at what you may want to track and/or are responsible to manage.

View My Profile Overview

  1. Click your Profile Picture
  2. Select My Dashboard
  3. The Action Timeline shows the number of Actions you have across all Teams that are overdue, due today, and for the rest of the week. 
  4. Global Actions show you a list of the type of actions that are outstanding/open.
  5. Global Opportunities are all Opportunities across all Teams that you have access to.
  6. Search for something specific across your Teams via the Global Activity search box.

Mini Dashboard

The Mini Dashboard is a personal dashboard that only you can access. It tracks your activity for the day and phone metrics like the number of inbound/outbound calls, average talk-time, etc, if you have smrtPhone integrated. For this to work, the Communication Assignment section has to be configured. Click here to learn how to set up Communication Assignment.

Pro and Premium Feature
Mini Dashboard is available for Pro and Premium Users. If you are on the Essentials plan and are interested in upgrading, please email or contact support.
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If you are on the Premium plan, you can access the data being collected from your team members in the Employee Scorecard. The Mini Dashboard tracks the following info:

  • Actions completed
  • Opportunities touched
  • Inbound calls
  • Outbound calls
  • # of calls more than 1 minute
  • # of calls more than 5 minute
  • Total talk time in minutes
  • Offers made
  • Contracts sent
  • Deals signed

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