• 02 May 2023
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You can customize your external notifications in a very granular way and send them to either email or via text message or both depending on your preferences. Below are the steps to set up your notifications and we also suggest a certain notification set that works for most people. Your notifications will also appear within IF3 and you're able to view and archive your notifications when convenient. 

Set up your Email/SMS Notifications

  1. Click the Profile Icon above your profile picture
  2. Select My Settings. This will take you to My Account.
  3. Click Notifications. Under Notifications Preferences, you'll see the full list of Notifications available to select with the description of what each of them means. 
  4. Click the toggle button for each Notification you want to turn on 
  5. Click the associated Delivery Method drop-down and select SMS, Email, or Both
SMS Notifications
SMS notifications will be sent to the phone number you saved in your profile. Click here to know more about setting up your profile.

Suggested Notifications

The notifications below are suggested at minimum to ensure you're aware of your activity and new important information. 

  • New Opportunity created and assigned to me
  • Received message from seller of any Opportunity
  • Assigned/Unassigned as Owner
  • Mentioned in Comment

Check and Archive your In-app Notifications 

All of your notifications will appear within IF3 no matter how you've set them up above to email or send an SMS. The Notifications list gives you an activity log of everything that is happening within your Market Space. The bell icon in the right hand corner of your upper static menu will show you a number of (new) notifications that you have yet to either check or clear by archiving them. 

Click the Bell icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

1. The system will default to the New menu

2. Click on any notification which will open up that specific Action, Opportunity, etc. 

3. Click Load More to view the next page

4. Click Mark all as read to move them to the Archive menu

5. Click Archive to see your old/past notifications

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