Dictionary of Terms, Acronyms and Jargon
  • 29 Dec 2022
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Dictionary of Terms, Acronyms and Jargon

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Action(s): An assignment or to-do that needs to be completed at a specific time. Each Opportunity will always have a corresponding Action that is required to be completed, it is specific and time-bound.

IF3 - InvestorFuse Version 3

Agent: The lowest level of access with limited capabilities in the Market Space

Automated Seller Response: A message that is automatically sent to an Opportunity once it is added to your Market Space, it can be a text or email message. 

Calendar: A place where you can see all the appointments set in a given month.

Campaign(s): The Campaigns are connected to your lead sources. This is the tagging and classification system used by InvestorFuse to provide a simple way to track your marketing campaigns. 

Contacts: A prospect, or a person you need to be in touch with, with no property attached to it. It can be a buyer, seller, contractor, etc. 

Follow-up Sequence (aka Sequences or Drip Campaigns): An automated way of reaching out to your prospects/sellers with an organic reach and feel. These can be sent via differing platforms at intervals you can specify and they can be long term or short term. 

Follow up: There is some type of next action scheduled where you need to follow up with this lead.

Global Actions: A consolidated view of your due, current, and future Actions from multiple Market Spaces in one section.

Global activity: A consolidated view of past and completed activities from multiple Market Spaces in one section.

Global Opportunities: A consolidated view of opportunities from multiple Market Spaces in one section.

Integration(s): The process of connecting your lead sources to your Market Space, this work is typically done internally for you by the InvestorFuse Support Team. 

Labels: A custom way of tagging Opportunities

Lead Source(s): The software/systems you use to acquire leads, Callrail, Oncarrot, Lead Sherpa, etc. 

Manager: The highest level of access provided to a specific person in a Market Space, usually this is the owner or can be anyone that is requested to be added as one. Managers have access to Sequences, Campaigns, and Team settings. 

My Profile: A section in your Market Space where you can view your current or future Actions, Global Actions, Global Opportunities, and Global Activity if you have multiple Market Spaces

Opportunities: Your Leads, either entered manually or from your integrated lead sources. 

Pipeline: The path an opportunity takes once it lands on your Market Space. A streamlined classification of an Opportunity status to quickly see how many are new, on a Follow up Sequence, waiting for an offer, etc. 

Pursue: You are now in the process of taking steps towards monetizing these leads. This will typically include scheduling appointments and making offers.

Qualification: Determining whether or not the Opportunity is qualified or unqualified for your team to pursue. 

Task(s): Something that can be done in between or during an Action without interfering with it and can be assigned by another team member. These are additional and optional Tasks that can be added and conducted simultaneously while working on the current Actions. 

Team: Your company, team, name or account within IF3. Most users have one Market Space but if you cater to different states or markets you can have more than one Market Space for an additional charge. 

Team Dashboard: A quick summary of your Team/Company performance. 

Transaction: The A-B contract between you and the seller had been signed and agreed upon. Now you are in the transaction phase of this contract or property, or the B-C sale.

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