Plan Upgrade Benefits
  • 28 Sep 2022
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Plan Upgrade Benefits

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There are three plans available for IF3, Essentials, Pro, and Premium, and each of them targets a specific investor. Essentials focus on the starting investor that doesn't need all of the bells and whistles, only a solid system to stay on top of their leads and not miss any follow-ups. Pro is for mid-level investors with a team to help them manage the volume of their leads and they need to unlock features that will help them with their workflow. Lastly, Premium is for the bigger teams that need the highest level of functionalities to stay, not only, on top of their leads but of their team members as well.

Pro or Premium Upgrade
If you are interested in upgrading, please email or send our support team a chat.

Pro Upgrade

Unlock functionalities that will help your team be more efficient when it comes to their workflow.

Campaign AutorespondersSet up an automatic text or email that sends every time a new opportunity is created in the system. This is good for things like website integration so you can send a communication immediately after someone fills out your form. 
ResurfacingMaximize your leads by having the ability to resurface your dead opportunities into your or someone else's Actions at some point in the future. This helps you make sure that you are getting the most of the opportunities you are generating.
Two Groups (coming soon)Separate your opportunities into different groups and set up functionalities like automatic releasing of opportunities to enforce accountability in your team members.
TemplatesHave the option to save canned responses or custom actions so you don't have to type them every time.
WorkflowsRun automations like assigning a task to someone, sending an opportunity to a webhook, and/or triggering an email notification for someone whenever an opportunity goes to a certain status or if a certain label is added.
Inbound Call Pop-upsA pop-up notification will appear whenever you receive a phone call from your phone system integration like Callrail or smrtPhone. Click the pop-up to redirect you to the opportunity of the person calling to take notes.
Mini DashboardIf you have a smrtPhone integration, track your team members' KPIs like the number of inbound/outbound calls, total talk time, etc. 

Premium Upgrade

The Premium plan is designed for a team of 5 or more people. You get everything on Pro plus:

Employee ScorecardSee a breakdown of your team members' performance on a weekly basis. You can view KPIs like the number of Opportunities they touched, the number of outbound calls they did, etc.
Conversion DataDetermine how well your team members are converting Leads to Opportunities, from there to how many contracts are signed, and then closed deals.
Unlimited GroupsYou can create as many groups as you want to separate your opportunities in. You can, for instance, create different groups for different job roles or different markets. 
Restricted Users
A security feature that lets you restrict a user's access so they can only see the opportunities assigned to them and not anyone else's.
Push to AutomationCreate shortcuts that will dramatically increase your team members' ease of use. 
External SendingAutomatically or manually send an opportunity to a webhook and into a third-party system. This could be used if you want to send your under-contract opportunities to a spreadsheet, InvestorLift, etc.

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