Customize Opportunity Forms by Type
  • 26 Mar 2021
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Customize Opportunity Forms by Type

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You have the ability to both set a default form for all of your incoming Opportunities as well as creating and customizing your own forms. 

Set a Default Form 

1. From any Opportunities > Property Details section you'll see the Opportunity Type section. From here  you can select a new form to act as the default for all of your new leads. Keep in mind this is a default SET of forms. To see what forms are in the Form Set click on the Forms set and check the forms under each heading (Property, Pricing and Details). Click the Edit icon to the right of the Select Form field

3. Select the form you want to set as default for all new opportunities from the dropdown menu 

4. Check the box next to the form you want to use for this specific Opportunity 

The forms can be changed as you desire for each individual Opportunity after they are added so if you have different criteria for certain Opportunities you can change the form to reflect that. 

Create a Customized Form

You can customize your forms as a SET for each form category. When you create a new Set you'll be defining the forms for all three sections, Property, Pricing and Details. 

1. Enter the name of your new forms Set in the Create a new opportunity form field 

2. Click Create 

3. Check the box to Use for this Opportunity if needed

Next you want to add, delete or edit the fields for this new Form Set. 

4. Click the Edit icon in the Form menu, the edit icons will appear

5. To move fields up or down, click the arrow up/down icons to the left of each field

6. To Edit the Field designation (name) click the Pencil icon to the right of each field 

7. To add a new field enter the name of the field under Field ID 

8. Click Add Field. To add whether this is a text field, numeric, etc. click on the Pencil Icon after you've saved the field

9. Select the Field Type from the dropdown menu

10. To hide a field in the future click the View/Hide icon in the Field Textbox. The icon with a slash through it means it is hidden. You cannot delete fields at this time. 

11. After editing a Field click the Save icon within that field to save your edits 

12. When you are finished editing the Form click the Save icon in the upper right section of your Form menu 

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