Dashboard Overview
  • 28 Dec 2021
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Dashboard Overview

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The Team Dashboard is designed for company owners and managers to get a big-picture view of your sales lead activity at-a-glance. You can compare new opportunities, your booked appointments, how many offers you've sent and much more by week, month or even by the year.

View your Team Dashboard

  1. Select the Team you'd like to view
  2. Click Dashboard
  3. Select whether you'd like to compare the week, month, year, or custom date range
  4. Click the info ℹ️ icon to see the opportunities being tracked

The selection is based on the current week, month, or year and the previous one as follows:

  • Compare Week - Compares each day of the current week vs the previous week. If you're looking at the dashboard on a Wednesday you'll see data through Wednesday of the current week and Wednesday of the prior week. 
  •  Compare Month - Compares each week for the current month vs the previous month. If you're looking at the dashboard during the third week in the month you'll see data from the previous month through the same time period. 
  • Compare Year - Compares this year vs last year. This view will return data for the entire year, current and previous.
  • Custom Date Range- Shows the data within the selected timeframe.

Uncontacted vs Contacted of Active Sellers

This is the communication status of your active sellers. New sellers come into the system 'uncontacted' by default and they move to 'contacted' when you update an Action and select the outcome "I got a hold of the seller' or if you schedule an appointment, or make an offer.


Sellers that are in the Qualification pipeline will be tracked as leads in the Dashboard. They are basically sellers that you are in the process of contacting or have not reached yet and trying to see if there is a deal there.


If Leads are sellers that are in the Qualification pipeline, Opportunities are those in the Pursue pipeline. Meaning if you spoke to them and find out that there is a good deal there and now you are trying to schedule an appointment or make an offer. 


Premium Feature
Conversion Dashboard is only available for Premium Users. If you are interested in upgrading, please email billing@investorfuse.com.

Conversion displays the breakdown of your overall team performance. It gives you the figures of how many Leads turned to Opportunities, then to Contracts, and finally to Deals. It also breaks down the conversion per employee and the average days to move to Opportunity, Contract, and, Deal from Date Created.

Other KPIs will return data on the following:

  • Completed Actions
  • Total Touches
  • Opportunities Touched
  • Average Actions Completed per Day
  • Average Touches Made per Day
  • Average Opportunities Touched per Day
  • Sequence Started
  • Appointments Booked
  • Offers Sent
  • Contracts 
  • Canceled Deals
  • Closed Deals

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