Employee Scorecard
  • 28 Dec 2021
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Employee Scorecard

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This is an exclusive feature for Premium teams where you come in to see your employees' performance on a weekly basis (Mon-Sun). It shows you the KPIs from the Dashboard and then some but broken down per employee. If you have an employee that you don't want to be included in the scorecard, you can opt them out in the Settings button.

Premium Feature
Employee Scorecard is only available to Premium teams. If you are interested in upgrading, please email billing@investorfuse.com or reach out to Support.

The Employee Scorecard is a real-time view of your team's performance which means the current week will immediately update as they work on opportunities or complete actions. Additionally, a cron job is run every Monday at 1 am EST to update the weekly view and add the current week. 

  1. Select a team you wish to view
  2. Select Dashboard on the left menu
  3. Click Employee Scorecard tab
  4. Click the Settings button on the right-hand corner to opt-in/out employees from the Scorecard

Employee Scorecard returns data on the following:

  • Completed Actions
  • Contacts
  • Touches
  • Opportunities Touched
  • New Leads Assigned
  • Leads Converted to Opportunities
  • Appointments Booked
  • Verbal Offers Made
  • Contracts Sent
  • Contracts Accepted
  • Closed Deals

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