Opportunities Dashboard
  • 28 Sep 2022
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Opportunities Dashboard

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View a summary of your Opportunities in the Opportunities Dashboard based on where they are in your Pipeline, add, delete, export or click to edit your Opportunities all from this one location. 

View the Opportunities Dashboard

  1. Select the Team to view in the left menu.
  2. Click Opportunities. This will load all of the Opportunities within the selected Team market space. 
  3. You can select specific Opportunities by their status in your Pipeline by selecting or unselecting the Qualification, Pursue, Transaction, and Follow Up categories in the Pipeline view. 
  4. Search for specific Opportunities by the Opportunity address.

List Columns and Definitions

  • Opportunity Name, Address, and Opportunity Owner

  • The Assigned to person and the Next action due are listed here unless the Opportunity is in the Transaction phase of the Pipeline. 

  • Last Touch is the last time you reached out to the seller/Opportunity
  • How many times you have reached out / touched the seller/Opportunity. 
  • When the Opportunity was created

  • Where your Opportunity is within the Pipeline. 
  • The status is the granular step or category of where they are in the process which could be anywhere from New Lead all the way through to Dead or Closed status. 

  • Motivation Key

Filter the List

5. Click the Filter button to bring out the filter menu. The available filters are:

  • Campaign
  • Status
  • Motivation
  • Label
  • Contacted
  • Owner
  • Date Created

Filter options available for Premium plans:

  • Group
  • Unassigned option when filtering by Owner


 6. Click "All Opportunities" to see all of the Opportunities in the system

Selecting Opportunities

I. You can select multiple Opportunities at the same time by clicking the checkbox next to the Opportunity which is handy if you want to edit, export, or delete certain Opportunities but not the others.

II. Click the topmost checkbox to select all Opportunities on the list if you want to do a bulk action

III. If you have selected everything on the list but you also want to include the remaining Opportunities, Click Select all to add the rest of the Opportunities to the selection.

Bulk Deleting and Exporting

After selecting Opportunities, you can do these actions:

7. Click Delete Selected and confirm to delete the selected Opportunities

8. Click Export Selected to export your selected Opportunities into an Excel spreadsheet. 

9. You may also select the Export All button to export all of the Opportunities under the tab and pipeline that you are in into an Excel spreadsheet.

Bulk Editing

Premium Feature
Bulk Editing is only available to the Premium plan. If you are interested to upgrade, please email billing@investorfuse.com or send our support team a chat.

10. Click Edit Selected to move opportunities to a Group, assign an Opportunity Owner, or Unassign Opportunity Owner. Click here to learn more

Add a New Opportunity

11. To add a new Opportunity from this location click on the + icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen, select the Campaign for the Opportunity and click Save

Pin Opportunities

Pin important Opportunities to separate them from the rest and make them easy to find and accessible to your team. This will also tie into a functionality in the mobile app that will be coming soon.

  1. In the Opportunity list view, click the three-dot icon next to the opportunity you want to pin
  2. Select Pin from the drop-down
  3. Pinned Opportunities will appear in the Pinned tab
  4. You can Pin a maximum of 10 opportunities. If you hit the limit, you will not be able to pin any more opportunities. Unpin some of them to free up space.

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