Opportunity Actions
  • 04 Mar 2022
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Opportunity Actions

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In order for your Opportunities to move correctly through IF3, Actions must be assigned and completed which will then create the next Action. This ensures that all of your Opportunities will go through the same process by the correct team members. When you receive a new lead from your lead sources it will come into IF3 as an Opportunity and assign the action Call New Lead. After the Call New Lead action is completed it will set the next action based on how you set the status. The tables below give you an overview of how these flow and what will happen next each time you complete an action. 

IF3 Stages, Sub-Stages, Statuses and Actions flow


StageSub-StageStatusTriggering ActionNotes
QualificationNewNew LeadCall New Lead
QualificationQualifyingPursuing the first contactCall Seller Attempt #sThe Call Attempt #s will progress from #2 - #8 every time you select the outcome "I could not reach the seller" and the Opportunity will remain in the Qualification pipeline.


StageSub StageStatusTriggering ActionNotes
PursueAppointmentPending AppointmentSchedule Seller Appointment>Schedule Now
Pursue (see notes)OfferAnalyzing PropertyDue DiligenceDue Diligence becomes an option once the Opportunity is moved to the Pursue pipeline by either booking an appointment or making an offer. The Substage will change to Offer and the Status will turn to Analyzing Property.
Pursue (see notes)Offer(see note)Following UpFollow up with SellerFollow up with Seller becomes an option once the Opportunity is moved to the Pursue pipeline by either booking an appointment or making an offer. The Substage will change to Offer and the status will turn to Following Up.
Offer Creation
Record Verbal Offer
Verbal Offer is the informal type of offer where you relay it through the phone with the seller.
Offer Creation

Send Contract
Send Contract is the formal type of offer where you are sending contracts/documents to the seller.
Offer Follow up
Follow up on Offer


StageSub StageStatusTriggering ActionNotes
TransactionPendingUnder ContractAccept OfferTriggered by marking the Offer as accepted and putting the Opportunity Under Contract.
TransactionCompletedClosedSee noteTriggered by the transaction being marked as closed
TransactionCompletedCanceledSee noteTriggered by the transaction being marked as closed 

Follow Up

StageSub StageStatusTriggering ActionNotes
Follow UpN/AIn Follow Up SequencePlaced in a Follow Up Sequence

No Stage or Sub Stage

Stage Sub StageStatusTriggering ActionNotes
N/AN/AOutsourced to RealtorOutsource to Realtor
N/AArchiveDeadMark as Dead
N/AN/aDeadOpt Out from List

Access Opportunity Actions 

Actions can be accessed from two main locations within IF3. The first is from your Team Actions Pipeline and the second is from within your Opportunity.

  1. Select any Team in the left menu
  2. Click Opportunities
  3. Click any Opportunity/Property Address to view the Opportunity
  4. Click Actions
  5. The Next Action Item will appear and ask you for more information. Follow the on-screen instructions based on what you know about the status of this Opportunity Action. 
  6. Click Next Step
  7. Depending on where your Opportunity is in the Pipeline, other optional data can be entered or changed as it appears. For example, in the Call New Lead Action you'll be asked if you were able to reach the seller or not. If you look at the related data you'll see you can update the Contact or the Opportunity with new information. 
  8. Click Next Step after you fill in the required and/or optional information. Each time you click Next Step follow the prompts and add/edit information as desired. 
  9. When you get to the end of the Action it will prompt you for the Next Action from the dropdown
  10. Select the person on your team who will perform this Action
  11. Check the box if you want to change the Opportunity Owner to the Action assignee
  12. Select Due In to have the system create a date for you based on the length of time selected
  13. or select a specific Date and Time
  14. Add instructions as needed for the person assigned
  15. Click Add to add the following Quick Adds: 
  • Text Message - sends a text message to the Seller
  • Email - sends an email message to the Seller
  • Comment - the comment will record on the Opportunity Activity Log 
  • Notes - the notes will record inside of the Opportunity. If there aren't any existing notes you can enter new notes, if notes already exist in the Opportunity you can edit the existing or add to them. 

15. When you are finished filling out all pertinent fields, click Complete Action to complete this Action and create the new (next) Action

Scroll to the bottom of the Action and click Show History to see the complete history of completed Actions for this Opportunity. 

More on Quick Adds

Quick Adds are activities that you can set immediately while creating a new Action. The additional items you are able to perform while you're inside the Action include sending a text message, sending an email, add a comment to the activity feed or add a note to the Opportunity.

Video Version - Quick Adds

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