Team Actions Pipeline
  • 23 Aug 2021
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Team Actions Pipeline

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Team Actions is a collective information dashboard that shows your Actions for the specific Team you have selected in IF3. 

You are able to select the Action Type you want to view by clicking on the headings and you're also able to search for specific actions from this location.

Access Team Actions

  1. Select any Team in the left menu
  2. Click Actions 
  3. To easily filter the list, select the types of Actions you wish to view by clicking the checkbox in each category.
  4. Click the Action that you want to open
  5. You can assign the Action to someone else by clicking the three dots to the right of the Action and then click Edit Action.
  6. The search functions work by typing the Action name, Seller name, Seller email, and Seller phone number in the Search Actions field.
  7. For a granular filter click on the Filter link in the upper right and select the categories you want to drill into. You can sort it by the due date or just show today's actions.

Filter Team Members' Actions

You can see how many and what actions are assigned to other team members using filters.

  1. In the Actions section, click Team Actions to see all of the actions across the team.
  2. Click the Filter icon on the right-hand corner
  3. Select the user whose Actions you want to see

Actions Color Code

Your list is color coded based on the due date of the Action 

  • Green = Due today
  • Gray = Due in the future
  • Red = Overdue

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